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Living Well Video Series

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  1. Learn How to Dream for Your Life
  2. I May Not Know What I Want - But I Do Know What I Don't Want
  3. Learning How to Answer - What Do You Want?
  4. Ideas for Practicing for the Future
  5. Expectations to the Top of the Mountain
  6. Building a Full Life Through High Expectations
  7. Raising the Bar
  8. Vision for My Daughter Lily
  9. Sharing Lily's Vision Through the Life Trajectory
  10. Stephanie's Journey with LifeCourse
  11. Using the Life Domains to Think About My Daughter's Future
  12. Using the Life Trajectory to Prep for an IEP
  13. The 6:00 a.m. Wakeup Call - Preparing for the Future
  14. Living Independently: Preparing Emily for Whatever is Next
  15. Living IN Community
  16. What is Self-Determination?
  17. Three Tips for Getting the Right Services
  18. What is VR?
  19. What is Discovery?
  20. Am I Stuck in This Job Forever?
  21. Thinking About Jobs vs. Career
  22. Transition Tips: A Notepad for Interview Practice
  23. A Love of Organizing: Working in the Car Dealership
  24. Sheltered Work - Informed Choice
  25. The LifeCourse Framework and the Importance of CHOICE
  26. Why is Choice Important?
  27. What Does Real Choice Look Like?
  28. Making Choices from a Young Age
  29. Making Big Choices Starts with Small Decisions
  30. Stuck with My Choices...Forever?
  31. Supporting People's Choices
  32. Dignity of Risk
  33. Balancing Health and Safety with Independence
  34. Four Ways to Stay Safe on Social Media
  35. Taking Care of My Body: Health Habits
  36. Grab the Clippers! Hygiene Tips for Shaving and Trimming Your Nails
  37. Who Can Help With Your Health?
  38. Getting Health Care as an Adult
  39. Meeting a New Doctor
  40. Being a Healthy Adult: Asking Others for Help
  41. Writing Down Your Medical History
  42. Why Do We Take Medicines?
  43. Different Medicines for Different Reasons
  44. Is My Medicine Working?
  45. Should I Go to the ER?
  46. When Should I Call 911?
  47. Practicing for Lily's Future
  48. Making Medicine Work for You
  49. Productive Together: The Team Meeting Video Series
  50. A Good Team Meeting: Centering the Person!
  51. Feeling Prepared: The Independence Video Series
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Making Big Choices Starts with Small Decisions

November 4, 2021

From peanut butter and jelly to the clothes we wear, making choices help us become self-aware. Teresa explains how the small, everyday choices help us build the skills to make big decisions when the time comes.

Teresa A. Grossi, Ph.D., is the director of strategic developments at the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community (IIDC), the Indiana’s University Center for Excellence (UCE) at Indiana University.

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